Special Operations

The primary responsibility of the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) Team and the Hostage Negotiations Team is to provide specialized services in support of anticipated and unanticipated law enforcement operations requiring the use of special weapons, tactics, negotiations, or specialized training outside the realm of conventional agency operational components.


The SWAT Team consists of police officers who are trained in the use of special weapons and tactics. Their mission is to provide a quick response to situations where specialized training and weapons are needed and includes such situations as anti-sniper tactics, anti-terrorist tactics, barricaded subjects, apprehension of armed and/or dangerous persons, execution of high-risk search warrants and raids, crisis and hostage rescue, crowd control, support for other agencies with regard to dignitary protection, and other situations at the carefully considered discretion of a field supervisor.

SWAT Team members are selected by enduring a strenuous selection process that tests their physical endurance, firearms skills, and job knowledge.

SWAT Team members attend monthly firearms training and monthly tactical training to maintain a high level of skill and proficiency with specialized weapons, equipment, and tactics.

Hostage Negotiation Team

The Hostage Negotiations Team consists of police officers specially trained in negotiation tactics. The mission of the Hostage Negotiations Team is to negotiate a resolution or surrender in situations such as barricaded subjects, hostage situations, suicide attempts, and any other situation at the discretion of a field supervisor.