Operations Support Division

The Operations Support Division is primarily responsible for conducting latent investigations of reported criminal activity and for initiating investigations of street-level criminal activity. The division is also responsible for providing logistical support to all other operational functions throughout the agency.


General Investigations

The General Investigations Unit is comprised of several detectives who conduct latent investigations into crimes against persons and property. Some of the crimes investigated include but are not limited to, Homicide, Robbery, Sexual Battery, "Carjacking", Missing Persons, and Child Crimes.

Street Crimes Investigations

The Street Crimes Unit is responsible for initiating investigations of crimes involving racketeering, street and intermediate-level drug investigations, prostitution, obscenity, gambling, and other street-level criminal activity.

Community Policing

The City of Fort Walton Beach Police Department uses the strategy of Community Oriented Policing. The Police Department has a team of Community Policing Officers who are responsible for identifying problems in specific areas of the City. Community Policing Officers are tasked to work with residents and businesses within the City. These officers will identify problems, devise solutions, and monitor the resolution. The focus of this problem-solving process will be the creation of partnerships with the community to seek solutions, get them resolved so they are not reoccurring.

You can speak to a Community Policing Officer by calling 850-833-9900, ext. 39559.

Honor Guard

The Fort Walton Beach Police Department Honor Guard is a ceremonial police unit dedicated to upholding the highest values and traditions of the men and women of law enforcement. Officers of the Fort Walton Beach Police Department Honor Guard are committed to representing the City of Fort Walton Beach and their law enforcement family, both locally and nationally. The Fort Walton Beach Police Department Honor Guard honors fallen officers who have made the ultimate sacrifice. They remain ready to serve at the direction of the Chief of Police and participate in several honor guard-related events such as memorial services for officers. The Fort Walton Beach Police Department Honor Guard is civically minded and remembers our military veterans, as well as individuals and organizations that are dedicated to public service.

Reserve Officers

The Reserve Officer Unit provides additional manpower in special situations and augments normal law enforcement operations. It is the policy of the Fort Walton Beach Police Department to maintain a unit of Reserve Police Officers in accordance with the definition in Florida Statute 943.10(6) for "Part-Time" Police Officers. Reserve Police Officers exercise full law enforcement powers only while serving as on-duty members of the Department.

It is the intention of the Police Department to continue to increase the number of Reserve Officers.

Crime Scene

The Crime Scene Unit is responsible for processing major crime scenes to document, photograph and collect physical evidence such as latent fingerprints and Deoxyribonucleic Acid (DNA). Crime Scene personnel are responsible for cataloging and storing all evidence and found property.

For questions regarding property status during a crime scene investigation, call the Property Section, Monday through Friday 8 am to 4 pm, 850-833-9551. Found property is held for 90 days and then donated or destroyed.