850 United Academy

Vision Statement

Uniting athletes to ensure every boy or girl gets their best opportunity in baseball or softball and in life.

Mission Statement

To reinvent the community ballpark experience when all youth athletes and great coaches come from the same organization.

Important Baseball & Softball Information


$45 a Month *includes training shirt with the first month (baseball participants will receive a hat with the second month)

Additional hats and shirts may be purchased at any time for $10 per shirt and $25 per hat.


Month to Month, No Contracts. Months Will Not be prorated. You may register in person at the FWB Rec Center on Jet Dr. Online Registration is available after you get your username and password from the Fwb Rec Center.


Each player will need a glove and cleats. Softball players are encouraged to wear face masks for infield training.

Please put names on all personal equipment

  • 8U and 10U Softball will use an 11-inch ball while all others will use a 12-inch ball.
  • It is recommended that a ball be kept in all gloves to help form and maintain a nice pocket.
  • The City will provide batting helmets with masks, bats, and catching equipment for each team, that will be shared.


Training will be at the Preston Hood Athletic Complex (235 Hollywood Boulevard)

Days & Times

This will be determined by the coach, typically twice a week for 1 to 2 hours


The closest parking lot is 235 Hollywood Boulevard Park in the designated spots only.

Please do not park on the sidewalks or grass.


In addition to our training, we will have scrimmages for game experience for ALL academy participants.

We will play within the 850 United Academy and teams from the surrounding area when available.

Team Bonding/Community Service

We will schedule team bonding activities for all academy participants to enjoy.

This is to unite all ages and genders and how we can have fun off the field.

There will be community service projects that can count as volunteer hours for school.

School & Grades

The 850 United Baseball and Softball Academy is not just about baseball and softball.

Ultimately, without good grades, you will fail.


Please help us keep our facilities clean. Help the coaches to teach the players to clean their dugout before leaving and let them see that you care by picking up your trash around the bleacher area. As an 850 United participant, these fields are yours. Let's keep them looking top-notch.

850 United Academy Vs 850 United Travel Team

  • The Academy is separate from the Travel Team.
  • The Academy is a year-round training program for boys and girls ages 7 to 18 years old.
  • It is designed for ALL levels of play, whether you want to make the travel team and/or school team.
  • Or if you just want to play on a team with your peers. The Academy makes it possible to play at a higher level if you so choose.


Initially, you will be put in your age group, but you may move up or down depending on your talent and experience level.

This is to ensure that you are working at the level of training needed to get you to the next level.

Travel Team

Only if interested. We will have 8U to 18U teams.

Each participant must sell a virtual calendar or pay $500 out of pocket each calendar year.


Travel ball tournaments are typically in the summer and fall seasons.

8U through 14U will play in tournaments in our area and 16U and 18U will play in showcases for college coaches to see you.

ALL travel team members are chosen from the 850 United Academy.


Travel Team coaches and Academy coaches are the same.

If you are interested in being an 850 United Academy coach, please contact:

Why 850 United

Our name says it all.

  • We are about more than baseball and softball. We are helping raise young men and ladies to be successful members of society.
  • We are 850 United to bring together a large unit of male and female athletes.
  • We ask everyone to "Trust the Process". It works!
  • The City of FWB is representing the organization that will take all athletes, no matter their skill level.
  • We have proven to take the players other teams did not want and bring them to or above the level of their peers.
  • We look forward to having your child be a part of the City of Fort Walton Beach 850 United Baseball and Softball Academy.
  • We are proud of our city and its accomplishments.