Disaster / Flood Information

The Emerald Coast is subject to occasional hurricanes and other natural disasters. The better prepared you are, the less the event will negatively impact your life.

Hurricane Evacuation Zones / Routes / Shelters

Hurricane evacuation zones, evacuation routes, shelter maps, and information created and provided by Okaloosa County can be found and accessed by visiting their website.

Know Your Flood Zone

Is your property in a designated flood zone? Find out here! The city has partnered with Forerunner to give our residents access to the latest details on flood risk for their property and makes it easier for our community to access relevant data and important documents such as elevation certificates.

Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS)

As defined by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), a hazard mitigation plan is a long-term strategy for reducing disaster losses. In Florida, a Local Mitigation Strategy (LMS) is a local government plan that is designed to reduce or eliminate risks to people and property from natural hazards. The plan is required to include three major elements: public participation, risk assessment, and mitigation actions.