Who is the Fort Walton Beach Fire Department (FWBFD)?

Fort Walton Beach Fire Department (FWBFD) is a full career Fire Department (FD) made up of 33 line Firefighters, the Staff consisting of the Chief, administrative coordinator, Fire Marshal, and one Inspector. The Fort Walton Beach Fire Department was established in 1941 with an all-volunteer force, and we operated as such until the early 80s when the department transformed into a full career department.  Our main station is located on Hollywood Boulevard NE.  Station 6 houses our administrative offices, Truck 6, and Rescue 6. Our second station on Lewis Turner Boulevard houses Engine 7.  Truck 6, Rescue 6, and Engine 7 operate with at least one paramedic, and all provide Advanced Life Support Paramedic Care.

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6. Who is the Fort Walton Beach Fire Department (FWBFD)?
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