Are Siblings placed on the same team?

Yes! As long as siblings are age-eligible for the same league, they will be placed on the same team.

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1. What are the Registration dates?
2. What are the age requirements?
3. Where do I register?
4. What are the Registration Fees?
5. Will I need to bring my child's Birth Certificate?
6. Will there be Tryouts for this league?
7. Where are Practices and Games held?
8. How often will a team practice?
9. What nights are the Games played on?
10. When will games start and end?
11. How many games do they play?
12. Can my Daughter play?
13. Are Siblings placed on the same team?
14. What equipment does my child need to have?
15. Are Coaches needed?
16. Are Sponsors needed?
17. Who can I Contact with further questions?