Stormwater & Streets

The Stormwater and Streets Divisions are in charge of maintaining roadways, sidewalks, and stormwater conveyance systems. By providing safe reliable transportation networks, while also preserving water quality and adhering to all State and Federal regulatory requirements, they operate to insure the health and safety of the visitors and citizens of Fort Walton Beach.

Please call the Public Stormwater Hotline at 850-833-9613 for the following:

  • Report a Drainage Issue
  • Report an Illegal Discharge
  • Report Damaged Sidewalks
  • Report a Pothole
  • Report missing grates or manhole covers


For information on the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) -Surface Water Quality Information visit the "NPDES - Only Rain Down the Drain!" Page.

Street Light

To report a Street light problem visit the "Report a Street Light Issue" Page.