Local Planning Agency


The Local Planning Agency (LPA) acts in an advisory capacity to the City Council. It provides input on rezoning and development regulations, as well as monitoring the implementation of the City's Comprehensive Plan. The LPA is made up of seven members who serve four-year terms and two alternates who do not have term limits.

Preference shall be given to potential members with experience and expertise in the following professions: urban and regional planning, architecture, landscape architecture, law, natural resource management, and real estate.

To serve, you must be a resident of the City of Fort Walton Beach for one year and be a registered voter. Members are limited to serving two successive terms. Currently, this board meets the first (1st) Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm in the Council Chambers at Fort Walton Beach City Hall. We encourage you to attend meetings or read the archived minutes to learn more about the Local Planning Agency.