Meeting Room Policy

The library meeting room is managed by the Library Manager and library staff.

The general operation of the meeting room is outlined in Section 5 of the library's Administrative Policy Number 107 as approved by the City Manager and reads as follows:

5. Meeting Room Rental Regulations & Fees

  • The meeting room may be rented by groups/organizations for non-profit functions relating to community service/education when it is not reserved for library or City activities.
  • No rental fee will be charged for activities related to groups associated with the library, such as Friends of the Library.
  • A fee of $25 per hour shall be charged for the rental of the meeting room.
  • Payment shall be required at the time the reservation form is filled out.
  • A meeting room reservation form shall be completed and signed by the individual/organization requesting to rent the meeting room.
  • The responsible party shall comply will all policies and regulations required to rent the meeting room.
  • The City Manager may provide for a waiver of fees for meetings conducted by public agencies as per Resolution 02-14.