Donation Policy

Thank you!

The Fort Walton Beach Library gratefully accepts gifts of books and other materials from generous donors who support the library’s mission. The library reviews donated items and then decides if and how they can be best used according to the library's needs at the time of the donation.

Your contributions play a vital role in enhancing the resources and services available to our entire community. So, whether you are offering books, funds, or other valuable resources, your donations are deeply appreciated and help us continue our mission of serving the diverse needs of our community.


Donations are subject to the library's Collection Policy. An item that is not added may be donated to another library in the Okaloosa County Public Library Cooperative or it may be sold to generate funds for Fort Walton Beach Library's services and programs.

Donations need to be less than 5 years old and in good condition. 

Please have donations in a box or bag we can keep.

Please do not place donated materials in the outdoor book drop.

If you need help getting the items to the front desk or the staff entry doors from the library parking lot, please call the library.

The library cannot use the following materials: textbooks, magazines, encyclopedias, Reader's Digest condensed books, vinyl records, VHS tapes, damaged or moldy materials, and materials with highlighting or handwriting (except author-signed books).

The library can provide you with a receipt acknowledging the donation. However, the library will not determine the value of the donated items. 

Memorial Donations

Donations may be made in the form of memorial books. These donations are subject to the Collection Policy. Please call the library or email the library to arrange for the memorial donation. Special book plates will be placed in the donated items. 

Monetary Donations

Cash donations are accepted and used to purchase new materials, maintain the library's infrastructure, fund educational programs and events, and to purchase digital content, such as eBooks. Please call the library or email the library the library to arrange for monetary donations.

Fort Walton Beach Library Donation Policy (PDF)