Uniformed Patrol Division

The Uniform Patrol Division is responsible for providing 24-hour response to calls for police service, conducting patrol activities, investigating crimes, and performing other law enforcement services. The Uniform Patrol Division is also responsible for overseeing the Police Department's K-9 program and School Crossing Guards.


The Police Department maintains two Patrol Platoons respectively designated "Alpha" and "Bravo". Each Platoon consists of two individual shifts representing the day shift squad and night shift squad.

24-hour coverage is accomplished by Officers working 12-hour shifts.

Each Patrol Squad is managed by a Patrol Sergeant.

School Crossing Guards

These part-time civilians are responsible for assisting neighborhood elementary school children to safely cross streets within school zones, before and after school.

K-9 Unit

The City of Fort Walton Beach Police Department is currently training its new K-9 officer. Police dogs serve communities by preventing and deterring unlawful activities that victimize our citizens and business owners. They also provide outreach to local schools, organizations, and businesses.

Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP)

Once hired, a Recruit Police Officer is required to successfully complete the Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP). The Field Training and Evaluation Program is designed to acquaint the Recruit Officer with agency policies, procedures, rules, and regulations and will have a curriculum based on tasks of the most frequent assignments. This training is designed to supplement formal classroom training received through any of the state's recognized Criminal Justice Training Centers. The minimum length of the Field Training and Evaluation Program for Recruit Officers is eleven (11) duty weeks in duration. Previous law enforcement experience will be evaluated to determine the length of the program.

While Recruit Officers are in the FTEP, they are assigned to Field Training Officers (FTO). The FTO will teach, train and evaluate the Recruit Officers through each phase of the FTEP. Customarily Recruit Officers will be assigned to a different FTO for each phase except the final phase. The FTO will complete a Daily Observational Report (DOR) for the Recruit Officer while in the FTEP. The DOR is used to rate the daily activity of the Recruit Officer and documents all aspects of their training in the FTEP. The Recruit Officer will complete the final phase of the FTEP with the FTO to which they were first assigned. This gives a good comparison of how the Recruit Officer has progressed through the FTEP.

The final step in order for the Recruit Officer to complete the FTEP is an Oral Board. The Oral Board is comprised of the Police Department's Command Staff. The Board presents the Recruit Officer with scenario-based questions. Recruit Officers are rated based on their responses. Upon successfully passing the Oral Board, the Recruit Officer will receive their first Duty Assignment.