CRA Projects


Brooks Landing Waterfront Park

The Brooks Landing Waterfront Park is located directly under Brooks Bridge and includes shoreline restoration/stabilization, improvements to the existing Alconese Avenue pier, and the addition of upland amenities, including landscaping, lighting, picnic tables, a concrete walkway, and educational signage.

Brooks Street Parking Lot

Located on Brooks Street in Downtown Fort Walton Beach and provided by the CRA in cooperation with surrounding property owners, the Brooks Street Parking Lot includes 44 public parking spaces, including handicap, motorcycle, and bicycle parking.

Brooks Street Dumpster Enclosures

Provided by the CRA in cooperation with surrounding business owners, the new Brooks Street dumpster enclosures greatly reduce the number of individual garbage cans that currently line the sidewalk of Brooks Street.

Brooks Courtyard

Located in the northeast corner of the Brooks Street Parking Lot and abutting the entrances to several businesses, the project will transform an underutilized area into a functional and visually pleasing outdoor courtyard.

Downtown Pedestrian Improvements

Located along Miracle Strip Parkway SE in downtown Fort Walton Beach, this project will provide enhanced pedestrian safety features including enhanced pedestrian signage, improved crosswalks, and a new mid-block crosswalk pedestrian island.

Public Parking Lot - 234 Miracle Strip Parkway SE

Located at the corner of Miracle Strip Parkway SE and Perry Avenue SE, the City will enter into a lease agreement with the property owner to create a public parking lot and streetscape improvements for one of the most prominent properties downtown.

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