Development Review Process


The Land Development Code (LDC) is generally organized in the order in which our Staff would review a development.

In order to begin reviewing a project, or to provide you with information regarding requirements for your project, we need the following information.

  1. What is the address and proposed use of the property? Does it require a rezoning or land use change? (Chapter 2 of LDC)
  2. Does the property contain environmentally/archeologically sensitive lands or is it located in a flood zone? (Chapter 3)
  3. Does the property need to be subdivided? (Chapter 4)
  4. What are the development parameters? Is the project a new build, rebuild, or addition? What is the proposed floor area of all buildings? What is the proposed height and setbacks for all buildings? What is the total impervious area for the site? For residential projects, how many units are proposed? (Chapter 4)

Then, the Staff will classify your development based on the provided information. Your development will be considered a building permit only, expedited development, or major development.