Virtual Inspection Service


The goal of the Virtual Inspection Service is to provide contractors with a timely and efficient alternative to traditional onsite building inspections. Inspections will be conducted in the same manner and practice as onsite inspections but with the aid of technology to conduct inspections remotely.

What you Need

Contractors must have the items to complete a Virtual Inspection

  • Mobile Device with Facetime or Skype;
  • Compatibility: iPhone 5 or newer, Android 4.0 or later;
  • Tape measure;
  • Torpedo level;
  • AHRI Matching Certificate for the equipment installed;
  • Manufacturer's Instructions and,
  • Flashlight (if needed)

Inspection Types

The following inspections are examples of allowable virtual inspections. Contact our office to see if your inspection qualifies for a virtual inspection if it is not listed

  • Existing sewer replacements
  • A/C or HVAC unit changeout
  • Ductwork replacement
  • Water Heater Replacement
  • Window/Door Replacement
  • Interior electrical rewires and panel changeout

Preparing for virtual inspections

  • The contractor must obtain the required City of Fort Walton Beach virtual inspection stickers from the Growth Management Department. The stickers can be obtained during the permitting process or schedule an appointment by calling 850-833-9605 or 850-833-9927 and a staff member will meet with you to provide the inspection stickers.
  • The contractor must use a smartphone that has high definition, 1080p capabilities, and conduct the inspection with Skype or Facetime Apps.
  • Video Inspections must be scheduled no later than the day before the requested inspection date (24-hour notice). Call 850-833-9605 or Email Building.
  • You may schedule a Virtual Inspection in advance to ensure the day and time you need is available.
  • Monday through Thursday will be available for scheduling virtual inspections.
  • Inspections may be rescheduled at no extra cost if conditions outside of the permit holder's control exist and do not allow the inspection to take place.
  • Inspections will be scheduled in 30-minute intervals between the hours of 8 am to 9 am, 10 am to 11 am, and noon to 1 pm The average virtual inspection is approximately 10 to 15 minutes.
  • The inspection will take place with the permit holder or their authorized agent.
  • Do not complete the work and ask an owner to complete a virtual inspection on your behalf, this will result in an incomplete inspection and will be Failed.
  • Homeowners who have acquired an Owner/Builder permit must obtain permission from the Building Official prior to scheduling a virtual inspection.

Performing virtual inspections

  • Make sure your device is compatible prior to scheduling an inspection.
  • An inspector will contact you via Facetime or Skype just prior to your scheduled inspection time.
  • Have the permit and completed sticker ready for the inspector.
  • The inspection will begin at the location's mailbox to ensure the physical location is correct and coincides with the permit.
  • The permit number and address will be verified by the inspector.
  • The inspector oversees the inspection, and the permit holder/authorized agent must follow all directions of the inspector.
  • The provided sticker will be permanently affixed at the location directed by the inspector.
  • Once all necessary items have been viewed the inspector will end the scheduled inspection by confirming the inspection results with the contractor. The inspector will then result the inspection and the contractor will receive a result via email.
  • Initial inspections are covered in the cost of the permit when issued. All re-inspections will have the same penalties applied as any other re-inspection.


  • No more waiting for the inspector to arrive or the customer having to take a whole day off from work.
  • Makes it easier to get permits closed out.
  • Scheduled inspection times.

Supporting Documents