Standard Details

The City of Fort Walton Beach Engineering Standards Manual is a comprehensive guide to most standard construction projects in the City of Fort Walton Beach. It contains text and drawing specifications.

There is a list below of other standard details to guide in your design and submittal.

Plan Review

All permit applications must be submitted electronically using My Government Online (MGO). As of Nov 24, 2022 paper applications are no longer being accepted. 

All documents must be uploaded into the permit application through the MGO portal. ALL documents that are required as part of the application and permit such as NOCs must be uploaded. Paper documents will not be accepted. 

Sub Permits

All sub-permits associated with a project for Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas must be submitted online as an "Add-to-Existing" permit type. 

Contractor Registration

New or renewal contactor registration must be a completed package submitted through the MGO application portal. 

You will need:

State License

A local business Tax Receipt and Competency Card (If applicable) 

Liability Insurance (Certificate holder would need to be City of FWB with our address 105 Miracle Strip SW Pkwy)

Workers Compensation Insurance or Exemption Form

Letter of Authorization (To authorize anyone to apply for permits and call inspections in)

Permit Extensions

Permits are valid for 180 days from the date of issuance. Each passed inspection extends the length of the permit 180 days from the date of inspection. Inactivity or abandonment will cause the permit to expire, and extension or renewal will require fees. 


For customer portal and account issues or questions, please contact MGO at (866)-957-3764. 

For permitting related questions, please email the Building Division or call (850)-833-9605.