City Clerk

The City Clerk

The City Clerk is a Charter Officer who is appointed by City Council. As a Charter Officer, the City Clerk is part of the Administrative Branch of the City Council and is committed to the responsibility of administrative processes that ensure the integrity of municipal governance as set forth in the City Charter, City Code, and State Statute. The Office of the City Clerk asserts a professional level of service in all phases of operation and provides dutiful support to the Mayor and City Council, City Staff, colleagues, and the public.

City Council Support

The City Clerk's Office maintains a recorded history of City Council meetings, budget workshops, briefings, special sessions, and closed sessions, and provides assistance to the Mayor and Council Members. The City Clerk's Office assists candidates in meeting their legal responsibilities before, during, and after an election. The City Clerk's Office delivers services that help connect the public to local government; some of these services include: managing the boards and commissions processes and coordinating nominations and appointments; researching and fulfilling public records requests, providing records and documents to management, and promoting transparency and access to City government through open and accessible meetings while accurately recording City Council proceedings. The City Clerk also prepares the agenda and verifies that legal notices have been posted or published, and completes the necessary arrangements to ensure an effective meeting. 

Records Management & Maintenance

The City Clerk’s Office is dedicated to serving the public, City staff, and City Council and strives for excellence in records management and maintenance. The City Clerk is the custodian of the City seal and any other papers, documents, or records pertaining to the City such as minutes of meetings, ordinances, and resolutions. The City Clerk attests to all official documents of the City and also maintains the City Code. The City Clerk diligently works toward the continued development and management of citywide public records requests as well as tracking and recording requests. Our office works directly with requestors and coordinates with department liaisons, City management, and City staff to ensure timely fulfillment of public records requests.

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